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We help church leaders achieve and manage growth by developing practical solutions that are customized for your church with an implementation plan and coaching so that you can reach more people and see more lives changed.
We also provide outsourced XP services that can free up the lead pastor to do what he does best – teaching, leading, and interpreting God’s vision for the church while we provide the strategy and facilitate the implementation of that vision.
Additionally, our one on one coaching can unleash the potential and maximize the impact of your team members – your most effective growth engine.

Growth Solutions

We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your ministry — from the parking lot to the back office — and offer practical solutions tailored to your situation. We’ll even guide you through the implementation process so you can focus on what you love: growth — of your church, your staff, and your people.

The Mashburns Consulting Group: Weekend Evaluation

Weekend Evaluation

We come on-site and do a complete weekend evaluation – inside and outside the auditorium – and identify practical solutions for you to grow your church and then walk alongside you as you implement those solutions.

The Mashburns Consulting Group: Team Development

Team Development

We provide group training and one on one coaching for your team on topics such as volunteer development, strategic planning, problem solving, and personal development.

The Mashburns Consulting Group: Communications and Marketing Strategy

Communications and Marketing Strategy

We provide direction in the areas of social media marketing, branding, and overall internal and external marketing strategy.

The Mashburns Consulting Group: Operations and Finance Strategy

Operations and Finance Strategy

While other areas are focused on growth, we provide ideas and solutions in this area to streamline and free up resources to be used in other areas of ministry. These may come in the form of systems development or financial savings.

The Mashburns Consulting Group: RemoteXP

We provide varying levels of Executive Pastor services at a fraction of what it would cost for you to employ someone with the same level of experience and expertise. Some of these areas include – helping with strategic planning and logistical implementation of God’s vision for your church, coaching staff members, financial and metrics analysis as well as access to all other products in our “Growth Solutions” area.

Who We Are

The Mashburns Consulting Group: Matt Mashburn

Matt Mashburn

Matt has served in senior leadership positions at three different churches over the last 15 years ranging in size from 90 to over 14,000 in weekend attendance. Each church experienced significant growth giving him valuable insight into what does and does not work as a church attempts to grow. Prior to his call to ministry, Matt was COO/CFO of a large company that owned and operated franchises in Florida. During his time there, the company grew from 4 locations to over 50 with an annual budget that grew from $4M to over $70M with over 500 employees. Matt uses those experiences to help churches grow by finding the right staff, developing strategy, and streamlining their operations and ministry. Matt also currently works with The Walt Disney Company providing amazing experiences for guests from all over the world. 

The Mashburns Consulting Group: Melissa Mashburn

Melissa Mashburn

Melissa has invested over 17 years serving the local church on three different church staff teams ranging in size from 90 to over 14,000 in weekend attendance. Melissa has had various roles, including executive level leadership, and an extensive background in communications, marketing, membership, groups, first impressions, weekend service development, children’s ministry and women’s ministry. Melissa is also working with the Kadi Cole & Company team as the Director of Women’s Initiatives where she leads over 2000 women from all over the world through the Ministry Chick facebook group. Melissa uses her ministry experience to help churches expand their reach, develop their strategy, as well as their leadership. 

Matt and Melissa have been married for 26 years and have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law and a new daughter-in-law coming in 2021.


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